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Acronym for engl. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. He referred to both the net physical effect and the device.


Acronym for engl. Light-emitting diode. Is a light-emitting semiconductor device, corresponding to the electrical properties of a diode.

Radiation angle

The radiation angle is the angle at which the light of a LED light source is emitted to the front.

Lighting classes

In street lighting, a distinction between the classes ME, MEW, A, CE, S, ES and EV.


Candela is the SI base unit of luminous intensity per unit solid angle, measured at a large distance from the light source.


With the CE marking, the manufacturer declares under EU Regulation 765/2008, "that the product meets the applicable requirements."


Under the coating process is understood according to DIN 8580, which is used for applying a layer of a shapeless material onto the surface of a workpiece.

Constant Current

A constant-current system, the voltage across an electronic circuit vary in order to maintain a constant power maintained.

Constant Voltage

A constant-voltage system keeps the suspense away from the power supply.


DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface - a standardized digital interface for electronic ballasts (EVG).


In DIALux it is a 3D graphics software that is used for professional lighting design for indoor and outdoor use.


When dimming is called reducing the brightness of a lamp of any kind and LED Lighting and the associated energy savings.


Producers and distributors show with the ENEC mark that they offer products under the European safety standards.


EULUMDAT is a format for the exchange of photometric data for luminous intensity distribution of light sources.


Color temperature is a measure to quantitatively determine a respective color of a light source in degrees Kelvin or Mired.


The fiber coupler enables a direct diode fiber coupling of single emitters with only one lens element.


The Gost certificate is the Russian equivalent of the CE mark and duty in the trade there.


With the Seal Certified safety (GS mark) is a product certifies that it meets the requirements of § 21 of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

Hot Binning

With the Hot binning the desire of most users will heed to specify the luminous flux and color coordinates instead of at 25 ° C then at 85 ° C.

Source of cold light

As a cold light source is usually an high-performance light source, eg a halogen-or xenon lamp, whose light is projected onto a light guide.

Laserclass 1

The accessible laser radiation is hazardous or the laser is in a closed housing.

Laserclass 1M

The accessible laser radiation is hazardous when optical instruments, such as magnifying glasses or binoculars can be used.

Laserclass 2

The accessible laser radiation is in the visible spectral range. It is also safe for the eye for short-time irradiation time.

Laserclass 2M

As for Class 2, as long as no optical instruments, such as magnifying glasses or binoculars can be used.

Laserclass 3R

The accessible laser radiation is hazardous to the eye.

Laserclass 3B

The accessible laser radiation is hazardous to the eyes and in special cases also for the skin.

Laserclass 4

The accessible laser radiation is very dangerous to the eyes and dangerous for the skin. Even diffuse scattered radiation can be dangerous.

Laser Safety Officer

Since 2010, employers have a duty before the start of operation of lasers of Class 3R, 3B and 4 a knowledgeable laser safety officer to order in writing.

Laser safety glass

Laser safety glasses are an essential per-sonal Schutzausstat maintenance when dealing with lasers and filter the emitted laser light while completely gone.


L50 means that 50% of the initial luminous flux are guaranteed even after the LED lifetime.


L70 means that 70% of the initial luminous flux are guaranteed even after the LED lifetime.


The luminance is perceived as brightness of a surface of the human eye Measure. Luminance describes the brightness of extended light sources.

Luminaire 60598-2-3

In the standard are requirements for luminaires for street lighting, path lighting and other public outdoor lighting applications set.

Luminaire 60598-1

DIN EN 60598-1 gives general Anforder-ments of lights, electric light sources for operation with supply voltages up to 1,000 volts included.


Light is visible to the eye part of the electromagnetic radiation. In the electromagnetic spectrum, the light comprising wavelengths from about 380 nm to 780 nm.

Light color

The light color is the color impression of light that comes directly from a self-luminous light source.

Light conductive fiber

Optical fiber are transparent components, the light and thus can also carry information over short or long distances.

Luminous flux

The luminous flux corresponds to the radiated power. He is lumen (lm) given in the unit, taking into account the sensitivity of the human eye.


Lumen (lm) is the unit of luminous flux. As a photometric unit, the lumen into account the sensitivity of the human eye.


Lux is the unit of illuminance and its corresponding emitter size, the individual Lichtausstrah-ment. The following applies: lx = lm / m².


The light distribution curve (LVK) shows how special lamp distributes the light emitted in a particular room.


In multimode, multiple modes contribute to signal transmission, ie the light beams are different, and thus reflects a time delay.

Numerical aperture

The numerical aperture (NA) describes the ability of an optical element to focus light.


The Outdoor Light Control (OLC) is for variable circuit of outdoor lighting. This can be done by wire or over the air.

Optics - Primary

That optical device of a beam-guiding structure in which the light beam enters first. Examples include filters, lenses. Lenses, mirrors, etc.

Optics - Secondary

The secondary lens directs the light, that is, it is brought by means of the secondary optics in the required or desired shape.

Phase Angle

In the phase angle control of the current is turned on with a delay after the zero crossing and flows up to the next zero crossing.


With the Powerline technology existing electricity grids can be used to build a network for data transmission.

Seal of Approval

As a mark or seal of approval marks that indicate compliance with certain safety or quality criteria to be understood.


PUSH refers to the ability of a conventional

Button LED to dim lights. Other control devices are not required.


Pulse width modulation is a modulation in which a technical variable changes between two values ​​(eg electricity).

Impact strength

The new European standard for housing (EN 50295:98) contains the new IK-class test for impact resistance. The test is described in EN 50102.


The degree of protection indicates the suitability of electronics for various environmental conditions, in addition to protecting people from the risks when using them.

Protection class

Protection classes are used for classification of electronics in relation to the existing security measures to prevent an electrical shock.


The signal light propagates in a single mode fiber in a single guided waveguide mode with no time delay from.

System performance

System performance refers to the total lamp power including the power dissipation of the ballast.


Is an electronic device having the semiconductor layer structure, which is an anti-parallel circuit of two thyristors in principle.


This is the evidence that the "Underwriters Laboratories Inc." Has pattern of the corresponding product tested and confirmed safety. U.S. mark


This is a certification mark of the "Association for Electrical, Electronic

Information Technologies. "This is awarded by the Association for standardized testing of products.


The WEEE symbol indicates separate collection for electrical and electronic equipment. This symbol is visible, legibly and indelibly.


As the wavelength of the smallest distance between two points of the same phase of a wave is called. This applies if they have the same displacement over time.

W-active power

The active power P is the electric power for the conversion to other services, such as is mechanical or thermal, available.





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